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Search For The Hero (james St James Club Remix)

Artist: Yvonne Lee
BPM: 130
Length: 5 minutes and 47 seconds

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Never Gonna Let Me Go - Djoe Gard Remix

Artist: Paulina Starborn
BPM: 128
Length: 4 minutes and 1 seconds

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Tren Al Sur

Artist: Los Prisioneros
BPM: 90
Length: 5 minutes and 37 seconds

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Something in the Water (Workout Remixed)

Artist: Workout Remix Factory
BPM: 140
Length: 4 minutes and 39 seconds

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Route 66

Artist: Natalie Cole
BPM: 76
Length: 3 minutes and 1 seconds

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Run You off the Hill

Artist: Aynsley Dunbar
BPM: 142
Length: 5 minutes and 43 seconds

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Artist: Hnas de MarĂ­a de Schoenstatt
BPM: 105
Length: 3 minutes and 7 seconds

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Can't Judge

Artist: Lunar C
BPM: 125
Length: 3 minutes and 6 seconds

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Universal Soldier

Artist: Donovan
BPM: 100
Length: 2 minutes and 12 seconds

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